Hi! I'm Saksham

I'm a JavaScript Developer, who loves to drive, explore, and enjoy life.

About Me

I'm Saksham Saxena, an Associate Software Developer at BCS Technology, and an alumunus of Delhi Technological University. Passionate about user experience, entrepreneurial in spirit, determined to dissolve complicated problems into discrete steps, and elegant in creating beautiful solutions, I like to write applications driven by JavaScript and Node.js. I've also published a technical paper describing an Automatic Headlight Dipper which works on OpenCV and Raspberry Pi.

They call me an engineer by the formal records and documents, but I have explored and taken thorough interest in numerous verticals and I feel more and more equipped to handle the everyday challenges in life, for today and tomorrow. Western Music, Theatre, Medicine, Anatomy, Psychology, Philanthropy, Economics and Polity, Management, Literature, and Cars; I indulge in these whenever I get time from my technical witchcraft-y projects and hangouts with my loved ones.

Solely driven by the positive energy of the world, I try to utilize every bit of it into creating something meaningful and helpful for everyone. Inclusion, collaboration and teamwork is something I whole heartedly enjoy, encourage and promote whenever I have leadership roles. Managing, leading, and helping fellow colleagues and juniors gives me a sense of responsibilty which I always strive to fulfill sincerely.


Automatic Dipper System in Vehicles

Languages Used : OpenCV (C++)

Built a hardware prototype on Raspberry Pi to process input visual feed from a web cam to detect oncoming high beam and generate a trigger. Applied my knowledge of Linux, various image processing algorithms, and optimization in C++.

IoT Based Parking Assistance System

Languages Used : JavaScript (Node.js)

Built a prototype on Raspberry Pi to map a parking lot and detect filled/vacant spots using IR sensors. This data was served through a Node.js server instance on Pi itself with real-time visualisation support using WebSockets.


Languages Used : HTML, CSS, JavaScript

Built my personal website from scratch, and named it Zirve. Wrote custom effects, and used BootStrap with Materialize for layout and widgets. Supports a simple Markdown parser to serve blog posts.


Languages Used : JavaScript (Node.js)

Designed and developed a fully functional RESTful API to serve as a blog engine. Carefully crafted out the design which is highly modular and fully scalable. Used Express as the minimal framework and Mongoose as ODM. Uses strong custom authentication methods and robust error handling.


Languages Used : HTML, CSS, JavaScript

MARKS is an acronym for Most Amazing Resource of Knowledge for Students. It was built for juniors to help them find all the necessary material to help them in academics. It had amazing animations written in Greensock (GSAP) and custom CSS.

Medieval Hub

Languages Used : HTML, CSS, JavaScript

This was my first static website, completely built from scratch. It included a static blog where I wrote some of my new learnings in the field of web designing, along with general articles. Used custom CSS for effects, and added Konami Code Easter Egg as well.

Section Student Representative

IEEE Delhi Section

Responsible for managing and coordinating all the events, activities, and initiatives at the Delhi Section (consisting of over 40 colleges), aiming to help the IEEE Student Members develop holistically through the benefits which IEEE can provide.

Mentor and Coordinator

Project WIE Stand

Closely mentored the operations of Project WIE Stand, and initiative which is similar to “Google Summer of Code” or “Outreachy” but runs over 6 months instead. It is aimed to empower young women by promoting them to pursue and lead technical projects of their interest.

Head of External Affairs


Evangelized the various Special Interest Groups of IEEE DTU to increase its reach to other colleges. The key was to motivate these branches to attend the SIGs so that they learn about the subject, as well as become more able to host a similar event in their own college.

Associate Software Developer

BCS Technology

Lead the Spirit Airlines' A/B Testing Project on Qubit, and developed and delivered high quality JavaScript code to create a parallel user experience. Worked on Jazeera Airways’ Website Redesign Project based on SkySales, a popular MVC architecture based Booking Engine by Navitaire for Airlines.

GSoC 2017 Student Developer

The Processing Foundation

Worked on p5.js library with mentors from New York University. Implemented a Continuous Delivery pipeline using Grunt, and added the option to generate a custom build of the library. These functionalities, completely built on JavaScript and Node.js, have impacted it’s 5000+ users.

GSoC 2016 Student Developer

Open Genome Informatics

Worked on JBrowse with mentors from UCLA. Developed a Sails.js Installable Hook which could manage and clone GitHub repositories of synthetic chromosome sequences.

Web Developer


Worked in a startup as an intern in restructuring the website SwiftIntern.com. Improved the entire UI with custom CSS effects and BootStrap.

Web Developer


Worked in a startup as an intern in developing the website BadiyaJobs.com built on Laravel. Implemented JavaScript functionality on the User Account section. Further helped in chalking out a collaborative development workflow to be used with Git.

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I'm based in New Delhi, India.

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